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Municipal:  In the municipal environment, the move towards modular steel bolted tanks has been brought about by the development of high performance factory-applied coating systems, significantly reduced construction times, and OH&S advantages through installation by jacking at ground level. These factors coupled with the whole of life cycle cost over traditional storage solutions has seen ALS Group become a major player within this market sector.  This market for ALS includes, but is not limited to potable water, sewage treatment, wastewater treatment and anaerobic digestion.

Industrial:  Industrial applications include effluent storage and process, industrial effluent digestion, process and treated water storage.  ALS offer membrane liner tanks, glass-fused-to-steel and high performance epoxy coatings, suitable for all aspects of this market sector.

Light Industry - Manufacturing: ALS provide storage tanks and covers for all types of liquid applications in the food and manufacturing industries from processing through waste handling.

Mining:  The tough chemical and abrasion in the mining sector make our range of tanks ideal for storage and process applications.  With coal seam gas (CSG) being the lead development in this sector, ALS has developed tanks specifically for Frac Water Storage and CSG water treatment. ALS Group is fully equipped for on-site mine work with our fleet of approved mine site vehicles.  From frac water and drilling fluids, to campsite potable water and waste water treatment in the initial stages of mine development, through to the mines processing requirements, ALS Group are able to offer a “solution matched” tank.

Fire Protection Water Storage Tanks: Our products range from standard fire protection tanks to more sophisticated reservoirs and multi-tank configurations that are designed to fit your specific needs. For combination process water/fire, we can design and engineer tanks that provide process water and enough storage for fire protection.  With a variety of tank materials and styles, ALS have solutions ranging from most cost-effective to maximum design life for specific applications.

Desalination: Desalination of water is used in Australia and many countries worldwide. Not only is desalination used for potable drinking water, but some market sectors are now using desalination for their industrial applications.  Our range of glass-fused-to-steel tanks are ideal for desalination applications.

Power Generation: Whether demineralised water or desalinised cooling water, we have multiple process water solutions to meet the power generation market needs. Tanking opportunities in power generation can typically include demineralised water, raw water and fire water; and ALS has solutions for all these applications.

Thermal Energy:  With quick return on capital investment, rising energy costs and environmental challenges, insulated chilled water storage solutions are becoming more in demand.  ALS has in-house capability and equipment to provide insulated modular chilled water storage solutions, and consider ourselves to be market leaders in this sector.

Small & Large Scale Water Reuse: Our design staff has encountered thousands of different applications and materials over the years and can work with you to choose the proper storage system for your needs.  This market encompasses rainwater/stormwater harvesting and recycled water storage.

Biofuels:  For biogas applications we have a full range of cover (roof) designs to meet customer specific requirements, these tanks can also be used with vegetable oils, bio-diesel and ethanol storage.  Our covers in conjunction with the long-life range of tanks ALS offers, are the perfect solution for Biofuel storage.

Government: Working with Federal/State projects, local shire councils, NGO’s and government departments and boards.

Military: The flat pack shipping method allows easy shipping and installation in war zone or emergency situations where operations are medium to long term deployment. 

Aquaculture: Modular bolted tanks are an attractive solution for many aquaculture requirements including fish farming, shrimp farming, oyster farming, alga-culture (such as seaweed farming), and the cultivation of ornamental fish.



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