ALS Group Qld is the complete liquid storage solution provider for a diverse range of industries and applications throughout Australia and internationally. 

ALS Group Qld’s innovative approach teamed with 85 years of experience in the modular tanking industry guarantees the highest levels of professionalism, service response and workmanship. 

ALS Group Qld specialises in supply, design manufacture and installation of a comprehensive range of modular storage tanks, accessories and services including:

·         glass to steel fused,

·         epoxy coated,

·         galvanised liner tanks

·         FRP/GRP rectangular tanks

·         Thermal Energy Tanks (TES)

·         stainless steel tanks (upon request)

·         ladders and platforms

·         maintenance

Our safe construction methods are unique to ALS Group Qld, as we specialise in the unique hydraulic jacking system.  This system enables our construction professionals to work at ground level and build from the roof structure down, eliminating working at height ensuring utmost safety at all times. 

ALS Group Qld is active across a range of industry sectors including:


·        Municipal water
·         Mining
·         Oil and gas
·         Power stations
·         Waste Water Treatment Plants
·         Construction
·         Fire Protection
·         Industrial



Why choose ALS Group Qld?


·         Proven industry experience
·         We collaborate to design a solution tailored to meet your needs
·         End to end delivery of product
·         Dedicated delivery team
·         Highly skilled in house professionals
·         Efficient and safe installation
·         Conform to Australian Standards
·         Specialised equipment
·         Limited footprint eliminating space restrictions





Our Markets


Municipal:  In the municipal environment, the move towards modular steel bolted tanks has been brought about by the development of high performance factory-applied coating systems, significantly reduced construction times...

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The top down construction of ALS Group tanks means that these type tanks are constructed in the safest way possible with minimal or no requirement for the use of scaffolding and high level work.

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